Venezuelan Visa Application

Tourist visa:

  1. Completed and signed Service Request Form
  2. Completed and signed Application Form
  3. U.S. Passport with at least six months of validity remaining and two blank visa pages. (If you need assistance applying for an expedited U.S. passport let us know).
  4. Copy of the main page of passport
  5. If non-U.S. citizen, copy of Green Card or long term visa.
  6. Two recent passport type (2" X 2") photos
  7. Bank reference letter indicating the date the bank account was opened and average balance in the account.
  8. Letter from company where you work indicating hiring date, job title, and wages.
  9. Copy of travel itinerary
  10. If traveler is a minor, copy of birth certificate, and copies of the passports of both parents.

Processing time is 7 - 8 business days. The visa is valid for one year with multiple entries and a maximum of 90 days per stay.